Elodie Dja


Passionate about history and fashion, my desire to share and promote an ancestral know-how little known to the general public prompted me to create my brand "Elodie Dja". Ready-to-wear collections and tailor-made creations that enhance artisanal know-how through the combination of traditional African fabric and European textiles.

Through this mixture, I wish to safeguard the ancestral know-how which comes to me from my continent of origin and to share it by making it discover to the world.

Each collection is inspired by a region of Africa, the history that marked this region and textiles representing the natives. The “Elodie Dja” collection offers fashion clothes and accessories for men, women and children as well as linens, small furniture and home decoration. 

But also,

I also offer a tailor-made tailoring service where you have the free choice of fabrics, colors and cut. Based on a model of your choice listed in my catalog or on the basis of a unique model that we will imagine together, we can create the outfit of your dreams.

“Elodie Dja” reflects an image of high-end creations, produced locally, in an ethical and artisanal way.

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